Yacht under sail
Gordon's Yacht Kay
Luxurious timber saloon
The Saloon
Curvaceous cabinet
Entertainment Cabinet
Gordon's trademark
Mountain Top Timbers Sign

The Workshop in Dorrigo

Mountain Top Timbers is located on the beautiful Dorrigo Plateau in the mountains of northern New South Wales, Australia.

The region is home to some of the most spectacular timbers in the world. We are delighted to be preserving for future generations some of this stunning wood in the form of beautiful and practical works of art.

Mountain Top Timbers was established in 1992 by Gordon and Hazel Buchanan. Originally a Computer Systems Analyst, Gordon's craftsmanship skills came to the fore in 1978 when he started building a 40' yacht in Sydney. Through this experience he discovered an innate talent for design and a passion for working with timber. In 1986 Gordon sold Kay and moved to Dorrigo, where he has been indulging his love of timber and his creativity ever since.

The Design Process

One of the delights of commissioning a special piece of furniture to be handmade is the opportunity of being actively involved in the design process. One of Gordon's many skills is his ability to develop clients' initial ideas and desires into attractive and practical designs.

Where clients are unable to visit the workshop in person, designs are arrived at through telephone discussions and by exchanging sketches and photographs, usually by email.

Mountain Top Timber's trademark is a handpainted Superb Blue Fairy Wren. These charming little birds are delightful, both in appearance and in their friendly and inquisitive nature. They are frequent visitors to the workshop and were the natural choice for our emblem.