The Workshop
Gordon with piles of timber
Marking out "Wild Rosewood"
Gordon at work
Building a frame

The majority of the items in this gallery were commissioned by private clients and are one-off items. They give an indication of the quality of Gordon's craftsmanship and the style of his designs.

Prices have not been included for commissioned items, but an obligation-free quote is available on request. If you would like to discuss ordering a piece of furniture for yourself please phone us at the workshop or send us an email.

Gordon uses a mixture of traditional and modern techniques in the workshop. Some of the more traditional processes, such as handcarving and handfinishing, produce unique results which modern technology cannot emulate. Many traditional joints are used for their proven strength and durability, but modern machinery often facilitates increased productivity and accuracy.

Timber surfaces are fine sanded to a silk-like finish and handpolished with a mixture of oils and waxes. The end result is a durable, low-sheen finish, through which the texture of the timber is preserved.