The Mountain Top Timbers Electric Guitar is made from solid Rosewood with a handpolished, oiled finish. The neck and body are joined by a large tapered dovetail joint, resulting in exceptional sustain. The stable four-part neck with truss rod provides an accurate fretboard for comfortable, fast playing.

The Mountain Top Timbers Acoustic Guitar is constructed from Rosewood with a Californian Redwood soundboard and Huon Pine inlay and stringing. This steel string guitar features a beautiful clear tone and is loud and responsive across the whole range. The neck is a stable laminate incorporating a truss rod and the fretboard is accurate and comfortable to play.

The pictured Music Stand is made from carved "Wild Rosewood" with Huon Pine inlay.

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Steel string guitar
Steel string acoustic guitar
Rosewood, Redwood and Huon Pine
Timber music stand
Music stand
with carved plait
Wooden music stand
Detail of music stand foot
Rosewood Electric Guitar
Electric Guitar
Steel string guitar detail
Solid Rosewood body