The Mountain Top Timbers Rocking Horse is a showpiece of craftsmanship. Handcarved from Redwood and Coachwood with a polished Sallywattle stand, this horse would grace the finest home.

Each horse is hand painted with artists' paints to produce an individual character every time. The horse is then fitted with a horsehair mane and tail to match. The horse rocks on a sturdily constructed, fully jointed safety stand. The movement is precisely machined and fitted to ensure a smooth action.

The price of a Mountain Top Timbers Dapple Grey Rocking Horse is $3,600 inc. GST. The Polished Timber Horse is $3,750 inc. GST.

Traditional but unique
Dapple Grey Horse
Natural timber horse
Polished Timber Horse
Brown with black mane and tail
Bay Horse
Tack on dapple horse
Blue with shades of brown
Child on natural horse
Ride him cowboy!
Tack on natural horse
Light tan with royal blue
Dapple grey horse
Dapple Grey with
darker legs
Two bays and two dapples
Team of four
Life-like face and neck
Dapple Head
Grey Mane
Unpainted timber
Polished Timber Head
With White Blaze
Friendly features
Bay Head
Black Mane
Darker dappled head
A little more grey
in the face