At Mountain Top Timbers, we use a wide variety of timber species. Some of the most popular are the local Rosewood (Dysoxylum fraseranum), Australian Red Cedar (Toona australis) and Sallywattle or Blackwood (Arcacia melanoxylon), but there are many other timbers available.

Clients sometimes have timber of their own which they wish to have made into a piece of furniture.

We currently have a stock of "Wild Rosewood" which is spectacularly figured. We recovered this rare timber from moss covered, fallen logs on our property on the edge of the Dorrigo Plateau. At the time they fell, the trees would have been between 250 and 400 years old.

Rosewood contrasts particularly well with Black Booyong (Argyrodendron actinophyllum), another of the local timbers.

Beautifully figured Rosewood
"Wild Rosewood"
Recovered from our property
on the Dorrigo Escarpment
Panels of local Sallywattle
or Blackwood
Australian Cedar
Australian Red Cedar
Light and dark
Contrasting timbers
Booyong and Rosewood